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Potential for improvement

- The app only works with an internet connection. This is ok at home, but if I use my MacBook in the train or airplane for example I can’t access my tasks. Please add the possibility to read and edit tasks offline like in the iOS versions. - The left panel which contains the projects and labels etc. should be resizable in regards to the width. Some project names wraps very ugly to the next line, for example only the last two letters are in the next line. - Selecting multiple tasks at once (with cmd or shift) works to a certain extend but it should be possible to move multiple tasks at once when selected (like files in Finder). Right now only the task underneath the mouse cursor is moved when dragging, even if multiple tasks are selected.


Sorry I uninstalled it within 2 min, piece of garbage, if you are offering something free then declare its limitations between the free version and paid, have to pay to set reminder, fraud never use any apps from this developer.

Solid to do app

The iphone app is great, but the mac app is just basicaly an HTML5 wrapper. It doesn’t feel native.

Not Updating

THe app is great but the latest update wont run and the app comes up twice the tne applications folder.

Worth to pay for Premium

Todoist is the greatest to-do app on the World, but it’s not so great if you don’t have Premium subscription. The main advantage of Premium, beside all of the extra features, is amazing support! :)

Really like except for one thing in the latest update

I love this app! It helps keep me organized from week to week. The only thing I want to point out that was added from the latest update is all of the “Add Task” buttons for every day of the week in the 7 day view. I am a UI/UX designer and this new feature bugs me because it is too repetitive and is unnecessary. It expands the screen too much to then add unnecessary scrolling and the buttons appear too much like an actual entry. These buttons are unneeded because users can already type in a day of the week in the actual entry and the inline date parsing knows where to place the task. I’ve also experienced it to be buggy; a new entry doesn’t get saved when I try to add from one of those add buttons. It would be great if there could at least be an option in the settings to turn off those add buttons on every single day. It may sound a little snooty, but a design flaw like this makes me want to use the app less.

I don’t want this online — I want it as an app ONLY

I am not going to use this. My to-do list does NOT belong on the internet. I want an app. Something that works on my phone and my computer. PERIOD. You need to explain in your documetation that this is an internet todo list.

Love the app

It is awesome but right now I have a huge problem. Can’t use the app on fullscreen.

Well sounds great UNTIL!!!!

yes all thos wonderful interactions and supposed to work with iCal. That wa my big draw. Well if you want to PAY 29.99 A YEAR!!! Yes, very basic use. Don’t ask for any of the additional supposed options to help you manage your tasks. THEY ALL BELONG TO THE PREMIUM UPGRADE AT 29.99 A YEAR!!! NO THANK YOU!!!


The interface is crisp and beautiful. Labels and especially filters for premium users allows for advanced grouping of tasks. However I would change this to five-stars if the three-panel view was brought to OS X. I’d much rather click a task and see all its options and contents laid out in a third panel.

Can’t use without an online account

I can’t use any sync services at work for security reasons. This app requires an account. I didn’t even sign up because I have a feeling I can’t turn off sync. Opened once and deleted.

Best Todo App I’ve used

I have tried several different to do apps including basecamp, wunderlist, producteev, etc. Todist does the best job of being streamlined and relatively uncomplicated. The “karma” feature is a great tool for those who are competitive to see who can get the most tasks completed. It is also a great snapshot to see how productive you have been over the last week. It is not the best for ongoing tracking or multiple stage projects, that is better handled by Asana or basecamp. If you don’t have the money, wunderlist is your best bet. In my opinion, under $30 for a year of the best to do app out there is a pretty good deal.


Have been using for almost two years. It’s great, well-designed. Would consider buying premium to support the app itself.

Refuses to save to purchased history

Every time I resinatall Todoist, I must search for it, enter my App Store password “repurchase it”. A minor annoyance but why doesn’t this App save to my Purchased list on OSX or iOS?

Just the website with a Dock icon.

Todoist is feature rich although something like Wunderlist has most of this stuff for free except Labels. I like Todoist for its nested tasks and project, the ability to email tasks to different projects and the snooze features for dates is great and I use Todoist everyday. After using Wunderlist and Trello and Productive and a few I can’t even remember, I’m still using Todoist. There are 4 priorities for tasks and you can assigned multiple labels and they’re color colded. You can create pretty useful complex filters to keep it all tidy and neat. I also like that clicking on the parent project shows you all the nested tasks for that project but my favorite feature is how quick it is to snooze a due date with predefined option for tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. Having said that, the client on Windows is much better and the iPhone/iPad apps are also better but they’re all not great. The Mac app in particular is just the website with a dock icon which wouldn’t be so bad. The trouble being that the web based Todoist isn’s as good as the other versions. Clicking on the task which should pop it up to view or slide it in on the right, instead edits the task name which is something you probably never want to do. You have to click cancel and then a tiny comment icon to view what’s going on with the task. Surprisingly, the Windows app version is better than the Mac app version which wouldn’t all be so terrible if I didn’t use one during the day and another in the evening. Having said that, the most surprising thing, there is an option in comments to edit the title of a task and it does not work! The worst part though is the comments icon on the website and Mac app which is probably the most clicked and looked for part of the UI is a tiny little chat bubble at the end of the task title which means it is always in the different position per task so when scrolling through tasks to update progress or just to see howmany comments a task has, you have to visually scan the each line for it and as I mentioned, if you misclick the icon, you end up editing the task title and have to click cancel and try again.

For Wonderers between To-Do apps

Hi; If you are someone who has less than a 100 tasks and prefere simple UX (although you must sacrifice some features) and just a simple list manager, go download Wunderlist and work with It easily; but if you want to actually do more than 10 tasks per a day, manage more than one aspect of your life, integret with other apps, keep track of your productivity, up-to-date updates, and simplicity in both UI and UX with no sacrifices in features, have no doubt; Todoist is the power house you were searching for. Also if you are a developer; I believe you will love TODOIST.

Far too cumbersome to use

This app offers absolutely NO keyboard shortcuts for moving around the interface, so every single thing you do requires you to take your hands off the keyboard and move the mouse around. This is the exact opposite of what Mac apps are famous for. Todoist won’t even let me assign command keys to quickly jump from my Inbox to Today to Next 7 Days, etc. This is just exhausting to use! And the layout… well, that leaves lots to be desired as well. Far too much white space everywhere that could have been used to compact the task lists more efficiently and make them easier to quickly scan visually. To top it all off, if you actually do want to use any useful features, you’ll have to pony up a hefty annual fee! Try to do just about anything in Todoist and you’ll be met with a popup telling you that feature is only available on the paid premium subscription version. No thanks. I’m happy to pay for my software once and be done with it.

Needs an “adult user” setting

Decent enough app and the cross-platform nature is great. But here is a pet peeve. The app hits your with notifcations about accumulating karma productivity points and leveling up. I get that gamification is a hot meme at Palo Alto frat parties but adults trying to use a productivity app to manage their lives shouldn’t be inundated with childish app spam. Kill the Karma point spam nonsense and this is a fine product to manage your tasks.

It adds a global shortcut

The thing I hate about applications like this is that they somehow think they are the most important application on your computer. Todoist sets a “global” shortcut which other *extremely* popular application - Chrome - already uses and breaks the functionality of chrome if you have todoist open. When in Chrome, if you’re bringing up a tab that you closed a moment ago, you can press [ Command ] + [ Shift ] + [ T ] - Todoist highjacks this global namespace making it bring their application to the forefront - I had to disable this setting. This shouldn’t be the default behavior - this should be a setting that a user has to seek out to enable. Once they fix this issue, I will give them a higher rating.

Bug: Cannot assign a task to a person with Quick Add

When using the keyboard shortcut to Quick Add a task without opening Todoist, you can’t specify an assignee by using ‘+’. I submitted this small bug 4 months ago and was told it would be fixed “someday”. A fundamental feature like this should not be ignored so casually. Please fix and then I will update this review.

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